The Different Areas Where Fog Misting Units Are Used


Over time, fog misting units have gained popularity.  Ideally, their main use is to cool the outdoors.  The units are majorly out to use in summer and other hot days in areas that are near deserts.  Equally, the equipment is also used commercially.  Besides being used at homes, the units are used for several other reasons as highlighted herein.

Ideally, misting units work under high pressure and produce fine water droplets.  The spray is generated due to the combination of the size of the nozzle holes and the small water pumps in the system. When the water reaches the air, it undergoes flash evaporation and that is what causes the cooling effect.

The equipment comes in handy in greenhouses for controlling temperature and humidity as well. Theme park fog systems are set up on a timer so that it operates during certain hours.  Additionally, the units have sensors as well so that they are triggered once the temperature or relative humidity gets to a specific level.  That promotes healthy and vigorous growth of greenhouse crops.

Commercial misting systems are also useful in agricultural cooling.  Exaggerated temperatures can result in discomfort to animals or even death.  That negatively influences the production of your animals.  For this reason, the misting units should be used for cooling the animal houses to help achieve or maintain high production.

Food industries make use of misting units as well.  Food must be stored at certain temperature to prevent spoilage.  Also, the humidity level in the store must be examined. Companies in this industry need misters that provide just the right humidity that does bot wet the product.  Misters that form water promote mold growth that cause food spoilage. The molds are also a health risk. Know the different fog types in

The systems are also used in industries that face major dust problems. The dust is not only a health concern but also reduces the visibility and causes eye problems. A dust suppression system is therefore needed.  The system releases dust suppression sprays via the nozzles to form a mist that magnetizes dust particles making them to settle. The primary factor that makes this process successful is that the size of the water droplets produced is almost similar to that of the dust particles.  Thus, the dust and spray particles merge fast.

Whichever the application, you need a misting unit that is efficient.  You should buy from reputable brands and maintain them as needed.  Maintenance includes replacing any pipes that are broken and unblocking blocked nozzles. An efficient system can save you from heightened power bills.


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